Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Attention California! No on Prop8!!!!


America what is going on in California is not being shown on the news.

Churches have been protesting in grocery store parking lots all over California harassing people to vote yes on Prop 8. For those of you that don't know Prop 8 reverses the California Supreme Court ruling legalizing Gay marriage.

I, Rev. Michael S. Margolin, Baphomet Rex 666 am asking you please vote No on Prop 8

And please spread the message No on Prop 8.

Not only will a No vote on 8 allow the Gay community to keep their civil rights but California will benefit by religious fanatics leaving this state in a massive exodus.

This will result in less traffic on our freeways; it will also lower the price of rental and real-estate properties. It will also increase our employment not by increasing jobs but by decreasing our population. One more benefit for those that stay in California if Prop 8 fails is we will have one of the most liberal states in the union. I know I love my freedom and I hope the rest of you love yours. In ending a No vote on 8 will keep California GREAT!




Friday, January 20, 2006

Antichrist for President 2008

Rev. Michael S. Margolin

Hello America,
If you will do me the honor of making me your next President I promise to take care of domestic affairs before granting any more foreign aid. I also promise to uphold the post at a 1/4 pay of what the current President makes. My agenda is as follows.
1. Concentrate on domestic affairs before giving any more foreign aid, review and reduce foreign aid that is being given now, redirect that aid to address domestic issuses.
2. Cut the pay of all Politicians in half and as an act of good faith I will take a three quarters pay cut to show that I am a President for the people and by the people not corporations and private enterprises. Furthermore, all Federal employees will no longer be exempt from contributing to Social Security.
3. I promise to drastically reduce income taxes for citizens that make less than $40,000 a year per family house hold and abolish taxes for house holds that have an annual income tax of less than $20,000.
4. An affordable and efficient Health care system for all American citizens.
5. Carefully and calculatingly bring our troops home with minimal jeopardy to the goals achieved by all their sacrifices, not only in Iraq but also in Afghanistan and Korea.
6. End all Sanctions against Cuba and work toward a long and prosperous friendship for both countries.
7. Improve foreign relations by supporting diversity of culture, belief, and political rule, no matter how much it may differ from our system, cultures, belief.
8. Continue to finance Space exploration and technologies, general sciences and all aspects of the medical fields to further and improve the standard of living for all American citizens and Americans to come.
9. Ensure that the federally funded education systems are affordable for all ages of students and become the best in the world.
10. Create a check and balances system to ensure this government becomes and stays a government for the people and by the people. To start make the office of the President only achievable by popular vote not the Electoral College which I will abolish.
11. Review and repeal sanctions on religions. Mormons will have the legal right to be polygamists, as well as Muslims and any other religion that allows it. Homosexuals will be granted the same marriage rights as heterosexuals. The use of Sacraments of all religions shall be protected by federal law this includes Wine, Hashish, Marijuana, Salvia Divinorum, Peyote' as well as many others. Any religion that does not support "Freedom of religion" shall lose it's tax exempt status.

In ending I'd like to say I am just as poor as Abraham Lincoln was when he ran for President but just as hard working. Please do not let my humble beginnings blind you from making this country a better place for all American Citizens.
Thank you for your time.

Rev. Michael S. Margolin
Baphomet Rex 666
H.P. and founder of the Sinagogue of Satan